A combi boiler is designed to heat water at the lowest level possible

Comparing boiler prices & instalments loans A standard new boiler will typically cost around 3,500 pounds to buy, including the cost of installation. There are a number of different sizes, styles and prices available for modern boilers ranging from:

Single stage electric boilers these are more energy efficient than the combi boiler and the main difference is in the cost. A single stage boiler will normally cost around the same as a standard boiler on a monthly instalment basis. There are three main types of single stage boilers these are the double boiler, the combi boiler and the tankless boiler. The single stage is designed to be economical and provide heat during periods when there is low demand for heating and the boiler will run at its most efficient rate. In terms of maintenance, the single stage is far simpler to maintain than the combi boiler and requires little more maintenance over its lifetime.

Combi boilers this type of boiler is cheaper than the single stage and can often be had for half the price of the single stage. A combi boiler is designed to heat water at the lowest level possible, which will ensure you have the cheapest fuel bills. However, it can also use more electricity than a single stage boiler and this means that it will need to be serviced more often to ensure it runs at full efficiency. A good comparison site will be able to show you how many times the unit needs to be serviced per annum for the different models that they sell.

Tankless Boiler – A tankless boiler operates by using an electric motor to heat a water reservoir. As water flows into the boiler, the motor kicks on. As the water heats, the motor is switched off and the heated water passes through a heater.

The tankless boiler prices are generally more expensive because it requires the installation of new plumbing within your property. Some people also find that the unit does not provide sufficient heating and require a further upgrade to meet their needs. It is important to remember that not all tankless boilers are suitable for every home. Although they do cost more to purchase, the benefits of using them are well worth the extra cost, so it is worth doing your research before making a final decision.

Installing a combi boiler is very similar to the installation of a standard boiler. Once it is installed, you need to have someone fitted with an appropriate installation manual for the particular brand of boiler that you have purchased to install it yourself. Some products come with instructions that come with the unit but if they do not then you may want to read up on it online or contact a specialist supplier for advice.

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