AA Vehicle Inspection Guidelines

The AA is a Great Lakes Association company recognized by consumers as a leading provider of vehicle inspections in Northeastern Ohio and throughout the United States. The AA has launched a complimentary service offering vehicle inspections for current and prospective dealers so that they stand out from the competition and insure them against future violations of Consumer Rights laws. By having their vehicle inventory inspected periodically by the AA, participating dealers will benefit by having the AA name attached to their vehicles, along with all new and used vehicles sold using an AA stamp of approval. But not only are vehicle inspection’s a good idea for AA customers, they’re a requirement for AA members underwriters. In order to get an auto insurance quote in Michigan, you must have your vehicle inspected every three months by a qualified technician who is either an AA member or a certified service station representative.

How many times have you heard a car dealer claim that his or her dealership’s car was inspected at least once a year by a reputable independent agency? Or how about being told that a specific car made by a particular manufacturer was inspected at least once a year by an AA approved car inspection companies? When it comes to vehicle inspection rates and warranties, there really aren’t any loopholes. Car dealers know that if they want to keep their business partners loyal to them, they have to keep their dealerships’ reputations in good standing. For this reason, many car dealers offer a free car inspection when a customer specifically requests one at their facility.

AA vehicle inspections cover a broad spectrum of potential problems, from engine trouble to electrical faults to structural issues. Every car or truck that moves off the dealership lot and into a new or used vehicle dealership has to undergo a full AA Inspection. One such full inspection is usually done at the dealership’s place of business or at a mutually agreed upon alternative site, such as a dealer’s showroom or a roadside service station. Some dealerships choose to perform all inspections in-house and some prefer to contract with other auto parts manufacturers and mechanics to ensure that all AA Inspections is completed in a timely fashion.

Many consumers believe that AA vehicle inspections only cover major car problems, but this isn’t entirely true. One aspect of an AA Inspection is a comprehensive look at the engine, transmission and brakes. A thorough inspection will also inspect the electrical system, all major components, the frame, side panels and paint job of the car. Some car dealers have found that a complete exterior inspection and repair when a car is ten years old and in need of major repair can increase its resale value getting a car inspected by thousands of dollars. The repair also increases the car’s safety and protects it against potential damage in a crash.

Not every car that is sold needs to be examined. Most AA vehicle inspections only focus on ensuring that a car’s interior has been maintained in good condition. Although many people think that AA vehicle inspections only concentrate on mechanical problems in the car, the organization also inspects for problems with its interior as well. Some car owners believe that a car’s inside must be in pristine condition to drive, but the truth is that dirt, dust and other particles can get inside a car and affect its overall quality. AA vehicle inspections check for evidence of mold, mildew and other contaminants.

Whether a car needs to be AA inspected depends on its age, its maintenance record and its history. Some cars require more detailed examinations than others and some vehicles might require a series of AA inspections, depending on their age, mileage and general condition. For example, a car that has been driven five years less or more and has low mileage is less likely to need a full AA car inspection. A car that has low mileage but is a newer model is probably a candidate for an AA car inspection, as the car may not be as well maintained and have performance or appearance problems that can affect its operation.

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