In the global competitive environment, Brazil exports US $ 1.9 billion textiles and garments per year occupying the 41st position, according to data from the Institute of Industrial Studies and Marketing (IEMI). THE China, which is the world’s largest exporter of fabrics and garments with US $ 167 billion, is among the first countries exporters of clothing for the Brazilian domestic market.

Investing in differentiation and adding value to the product is one of the paths for the development of Brazilian fashion. Or In other words, thinking about niche markets becomes more advantageous.Market niches are made up of consumers who are more the concept of the product and its production chain. Acting in niche markets requires an understanding of the public, trying to understand, even more, their needs,yearnings, perceptions and behavior.

Acting in this direction is an opportunity for small businesses and, therefore, the Commercial Collective Service Unit of Sebrae Prepared the present report with the aim of presenting the the main characteristics, differentiation strategies, scenarios and perspectives on the niche markets of fashion retail. The methodology used was research on secondary sources, specialized agencies, associations and entities, websites and blogs of reference. The report was prepared in May 2014.


Fashion Plus Size the Cruzclothing  or GG fashion is a fashion directed towards people who wear clothing above the conventional pattern used in stores,that is, very tall people, with thick thighs, bigger busts,large feet and wearing size above 44.

Focus is on men and women, young people and adults who do not want just wear a suit that suits your mannequin, but above all highlight their style and beauty through the use of clothing and accessories which are fashionable. It is a demanding and sophisticated public, consume fashion that looks at your body and satisfies your vanity.

“It ended the time when a dress for ‘chubby’ was made only to hide. Today both men and women want to use the that everyone is using, with only a few adjustments “1 affirms Ana Cristina, organizer of the Fashion Weekend Plus Size event which happens periodically in São Paulo.

For the male audience, style and comfort are the most searched for in a garment. For the female audience, the look for clothes that are sensual, value your points strong, comfortable and versatile, making it safe and satisfied.

Although this niche market is still little explored in the country,the public-facing stores that use GG size model is expanding and represents an opportunity for small Business.


The plus size fashion segment is an expanding market that grows 6% a year and moves around R $ 5 billion, which represents 5% of the total turnover of the garment segment, according to  Brazilian Clothing Association (Abravest) 2.

This percentage corresponds to about 300 physical stores and approximately 60 virtual communities. The expectation, according to the association, is of at least 10% per year. According to Ministry of Health data released in April 2014, 50.8% of Brazilians are overweight, and of these, 17.5% are obese3. That is, more than half the Brazilian population is target audience of Fashion Plus Size. According to IBGE, the percentage of young people aged 10 to 19 years overweight went from 3.7% in 1970 to 21.7% in 2009.

That is, a considerable portion of the overweight population is young4. Since young people are driving the fashion market, it is important to be aware of their consumption behavior and, fashion trends for this public. Major brands and fashion networks have already realized that the niche is valuable Among the brands that are eyeing the segment, is the Malwee, who has the “Big Hugs” collection and has just released

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