Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water Research

Despite the abundant studies showing positive effects of hydrogen water, the access to water hydrogen research is limited. In addition, since there are no established standards or guidelines for the amount of hydrogen to be added to the water, therefore it is difficult to judge just how much you should drink to reap the maximum benefits. The uncertainty of the effects of using hydrogen has caused much confusion especially among consumers. There are also concerns over the long term consumption of hydrogenated water. For these reasons, the American Society of Clinical Oncology released a Position Statement on Hydrogen Water last year stating that the benefits and risks of using hydrogen are not known and that further research should be conducted.

As a result, scientists continue to carry out research to understand the benefits and risks of drinking hydrogen water. Although the benefits are believed to be numerous, there is little direct evidence so far as reducing oxidative stress is concerned. Studies have suggested improved brain function, increased alertness and reaction times but researchers are not able to specify clearly which specific genes are affected or how they operate in the body. However, there is some evidence that indicates reduced oxidative stress may be caused by consuming hydrogenated vegetable oils that contain trans-fats. It has been theorised that by taking these vegetable oils directly into the system may help reduce the levels of trans-fats in the blood stream.

As well as reducing oxidative stress, there is evidence to suggest that hydrogenated mineral water can help reduce certain types of cancers. Cancer cells are believed to be more sensitive to oxygen than normal healthy cells. It is thought that by removing the oxygen that causes inflammation in cancer cells, hydrogenated minerals may help prevent cancer. A number of studies have attempted to investigate the effects of hydrogenated mineral water on cancerous tumors but results are conflicting. One recent study has shown that there may be an increase in the risk of esophageal cancer in patients drinking large amounts of H2O.

It is also believed that by increasing the amount of hydrogen in the system, additional hydrogen molecules are created and stored instead of being released into the atmosphere as most systems do. Extra hydrogen water may actually prevent landfills from filling up as more landfills now contain metal waste such as sulphates and nitrates which also contain oxygen. The increased storage of hydrogen water allows carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere instead of being trapped in the pipes of a landfill. This may seem like a minor point but carbon dioxide is believed to be one of the major causes of global warming. Therefore, additional hydrogen water recycling may help to offset some of the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in our environment.

The other benefit is linked to improving heart for healthy life. Drinking hydrogenated water could possibly reduce the amount of plaque formed on the arterial walls as well as improving the cardiovascular function of the heart. One recent study has shown that there is a reduction in the formation of blood clots when subjects were asked to drink de-ionized water rather than plain water. This is important as most people would be unaware of the fact that it is not possible for pure water to pass through the arterial walls because of the presence of negatively charged oxygen atoms. By drinking hydrogenated or de-ionized water this reduces the number of oxygen ions in the arterial wall and therefore reduces the amount of plaque forming on them. Hydrogenated or de-ionized water may also help to protect the integrity of the artery walls.

In conclusion, while hydrogenated water is still relatively new as an alternative source of energy and for drinking purposes, it has already gained a lot of attention due to the many health benefits that we have been told of so far. In addition to these added benefits, hydrogenated water can also help to improve cardiovascular health, and could even reduce the risk of developing cancer. The reduction in free radical molecules and antioxidants is another benefit. As well as this, there is also a potential increase in the formation of glutathione, the antioxidant that counteracts oxidative stress and helps our bodies to fight disease. The only way to find out if hydrogenated water will help your specific health problem is by trying it for yourself.

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