Learn Hindi With Sad Shayari

Sad Shayari is a short novel by the same author of Orphan of Truth. It is the third in his trilogy, with Orphan of Truth being The Jewel Rose and Among the Salt Mines. Sad Shayari tells the story of brothers Madhu and Chitra who have been deprived of their family’s dowry and have to live in a hotel for their freedom. They are very much wanted in their community, as Chitra is marrying a prince.

Madhu decides to go to Delhi to get some work. As he is not very successful there he decides to return home and find work as a driver in a huge family owned trucking firm.

The book proceeds to reveal how Madhu runs into three men at the airport and his encounter with one of them who is Sad Shayari. The brothers meet the young man, Shaji who would later become their friend and join his work.

Later, they get a chance to accompany Shaji in a job hunt and find out that the company he works for makes regular “travelling” trips. They do not realise it is for “Sad Shayari’s Cupid”. Sad Shayari’s Cupid becomes the characters’ name in this later part of the story.

Sad Shayari decides to go ahead with the Cupid’s plan by shooting his Indian lover on the road to Delhi. He gets away but is caught. After a difficult and complicated trial the convict is found guilty of murdering Sad Shayari.

Sad Shayari manages to get his life back together after this incident and manages to save the relationship with Shaji. Their love continues to grow and Shaji accepts the proposal from Sad Shayari.

The full story of this book is told in Sad Shayari – A True Story Of Love And Death. Sad Shayari, now working as a nurse, meets up with Chitra and goes to her house where she finds a pool of blood and the body of her own husband. He tells her of the recent death of her brother and how it has affected him greatly.

This time around, Sad Shayari instead of murdering her does the sensible thing and turns himself in. He has a hard time but ends up finding a new life in America where he becomes a doctor and makes a difference to many lives in his time.

The last part of the book, The Lost To India, tells how Sad Shayari is left in poverty in Boston and is taken in by a very rich Bengali woman. He marries her and gets his life together again.

A note for the female readers: This book is not for women. The sad shayari in this novel is an ‘ugly’, rude man who makes life difficult for the sisters and is mean to all of them.

The good part about Sad Shayari is the great rapport that he shares with Shaji and they manage to make friends in spite of their differences. They also learn to overcome their differences and open up to each other.

Bewafa Shayari, who won the Booker Prize for the first of these three novels, tries to depict a similar background in The Two Sides of the Mountain but gets far less success in comparison. Her plot seems like it might have been made up of an accidental meeting in the hotel lobby rather than a carefully planned revenge story. She also has a softer touch than Sad Shayari but not as much as the previous books in the trilogy.

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