Scraping Google for Information

If you’ve never scraped Google for information, then you may be surprised by how much information is available. Since Google started making money hand over fist many webmasters have been paying the search engine for information on their sites. They’ve also been scraping Google for websites with no returns so they can pay less attention to that site than they otherwise would.

There’s a large number of avenues for you to go down when you want to make money from scraping google. While I’m focusing on paid options I’ll touch on free ones too.

The free ways to scrape Google involve using Google AdWords. You simply bid on the first position for each of your keywords and then sit back and watch the results roll in. You do need to get in a position where you can show as many of these ads as possible to create the most traffic possible. I’d suggest paying for more targeted results so that you can capture the right set of keywords.

The best-paid method for scraping Google right now is Google Webmaster Tools. This is an extension for the search engine designed for webmasters. You can go to it from the Google homepage, click the blue button, and find a box at the top. In here you can type in the domain name of the site, then enter the term to find any pages associated with that domain name.

To see which pages have a lot of backlinks, go to the menu and click Page Info. It will take you to a list of sites that have a lot of backlinks. Click on any of these pages and then copy the URL of the page. In the next step you paste this into the box to go to the site.

This process will give you pages with links from websites you already know. Go to the first page of a site and do a search on any of the terms you want to look for. If there are any pages that contain the words you’re looking for, you can go to the directory that hosts the site and find out who owns it. That way you can make contact with the owner and ask them to remove any backlinks you see on their pages.

Those two paid and free options are all great ways to scrape Google. They are far from the only ones though. There are other methods, some of which you can do yourself. If you’re a power user then you could benefit from any of them.

It takes little effort to get into scraping Google and you can make money from the results. The main thing is to remember that it’s a slow process and there are plenty of other things to do with the information. It’s probably better to work on a project that’s a little more specialized than the general information one.

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