Why You Should Use Residential Google Proxy Servers To Scrape Google Search Results

This article presents a list of ideas on why you should use residential proxy servers to scrape google search results from the SERP. There was a well known SEO blogger some time ago who claimed that he was able to increase his rankings for a certain keyword by telling all of his blog readers to search the keyword on Google and click on his link. The keyword he used for this example is “blogger” and his theory was if he were to tell his readers to do this, they will surely click on his site.

I asked the SEO blogger the question: does he have any proof of his claim that Google searches in your area increase your rankings? His answer was, “Yes, I have Google records of people who are looking for the word ‘blogger’ in your area.” However, he didn’t mention anything about Google searching in his area. So, how can he prove that Google searches in your area increase your rankings?

I then did my own testing and I found that Google searches in my area increased my ranking with my own websites, but that my website ranked for the key term “Google” was much lower than my competitors websites. It took me a while to figure out why my competitor’s website ranks higher than mine. One of the reasons I lost my ranking for the “key” keyword was that I was not using a residential proxy in my area. The other reason I lost my ranking was because I used a Google AdWords campaign that showed up in my competition’s ads.

By using a residential proxy for your Google searches you can be assured that you are getting your content to the right people who are specifically searching for your particular niche keywords. Another reason why you should use a residential Google proxy is because it is cheaper to buy a residential Google proxy because you aren’t paying for Google advertising.

To make sure that you are not paying Google for your ads, always run Google advertisements before running any links to your website. That way you are sure you are paying for the link you are using.

If you want to learn more about using residential Google proxy servers to scrape Google results, check out the webmaster forum where the main topic is scraping Google. For beginners to this type in the search engine and search the forums. If you want to know more advanced techniques and information, try reading more blogs about Google AdWords.

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