How to Add Additional Users in ResellerPanel?

If you plan to start an online business with reseller hosting, you must prepare your resellerpanel first. You can start with the basic steps of setting up. You can find detailed instructions from step-by-step resellerpanel setup in this article. It only requires you to enter a small amount of information such as your name, email address, company name, domain name and physical location.

After entering all the information above, you can now proceed to the next stage, resellerpanel setup, by creating a resellerpanel legal notice page. The resellerpanel legal notice page is a small form that is very important in the whole process of reseller hosting. It contains information about yourself, company details, physical address and contact information. It also explains in simple language how you want your web host to work. The legal notice page should be in plain viewable format so that all the resellers and web hosts see it immediately.

If you are new to resellerpanel access, you may edit some features or options and customize it further before you finalize all the features and options. To change the features of resellerpanel access, you may edit the sections of panels. There is no right way to delete any part of the panel settings. It is always edit from top to bottom. You may choose to delete all the option options that are not used by you, but keep the other option options active.

You can also move any unwanted texts or icons to different locations in the previous step. But keep in mind that you should not move existing texts or icons. It may be an inconvenience for some of your readers if you modify the previous step text or icon locations. Therefore, move them to any other location that is far away from the readers. Again, you may proceed to activate the setting of the panels.

After you have activated all the options of resellerpanel access, you should get the official address data from reseller panel. In the previous step, you may have specified the physical postal address of the customers. But you may provide more options in this support page so that customers can select the physical address data of their choice. These customers can use this address data in many ways, one of them is to send emails to you. This email should include the reference of your website URL as the subject line.

To login to the website of your reseller, you may either enter the website user name or password. If you are logged into resellerpanel as a non-user, you may either select whether you want to deny user login or accept it. By accepting the login request, you are granting permission to the customer to access the website of your company. The customer can use this URL address to enter in some search terms and click on any of the option that you may have suggested in the reseller login data.

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